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In case you were curious where all of the books fit in my paranormal world, here is a handy picture guide. Hopefully it makes sense but if it doesn’t and you have any questions, post a comment here, on facebook, or email me at acwarneke@yahoo.com Obviously it doesn’t include my contemporary romances but if it did, I’d say they are current with the Stone Lover/Stone Romance/Siren Song stories.


Summer is almost here….

There are a multitude of things I could talk about but it’s just not going to happen. Instead, here is an awesome video made by Christina Gwin for the Darkness series:


Okay, there are a few more things starting with two ingredient bread.


The daughter and I tried this last night with chocolate ice cream and it actually turns out pretty okay and if you smear it with nutella it is fricking delicious!



We tried this one, too, and it is a lot of fun. We even made the expressions at the end of the video because we weren’t quite expecting what happened and had put a LOT in our mouths. Just remember: a little bit of this powder foes a long way. Also, citric acid is VERY sour.



We haven’t done this one but it is really neat and we wanted to share. We spend way too much time watching Australian cooking shows because they’re awesome!

Happy Easter!!

Darkness Falls is finally, finally here! Since I am going to (try to be) offline for the next week, I published it a few days early. I even have the free days set up: April 21, and the weekend of April 25-28th.


The Winter in Spring giveaway is still going on until April 30. If you haven’t entered, now is your chance.


Have a great Easter! ❤

Darkness Falls ebook

Shiny pink balls!!

I’m super excited because my newest promotional product has arrived – Shiny Pink (Stress) Balls!!

FOT212D WP_20140331_007 WP_20140331_008 WP_20140331_009http://www.qualitylogoproducts.com/

Darkness Falls is currently in the hands of a few pre-Beta Beta readers and when I hear back from them it will be sent off to a few more Beta readers for a final look-see and then… and then… it will be published sometime in April.

Darkness Falls is almost here – finally

Two years (and a few weeks, thanks to Winter’s Heart) after Darkness Comes was published, Darkness Falls is almost done. I have sent the first fully completed draft off to createspace and ordered a copy. Once I get that and go through it with my red pen, I will make (even more) corrections and then send it off to my awesome beta readers. And then… and then…. it will be going live sometime in April, preferably the earlier half but no later than mid-April. Oh, I also have to write the damn blurb. It’s once again from Malorie’s point of view (mostly) with a few trips into Jack’s and Feryn’s POV. (Yes, Jack’s back but there’s NO triangle.) It pretty much wraps up Malorie’s and Feryn’s story, so yay, and I think I’m happy with the story. There were a few surprises along the way but it mostly stayed true to my original vision, though there aren’t any vampires.

Okay, there’s one, but only for a little while.

Here is the cover for Darkness Falls (I will be redoing the Darkness Comes cover as well to match – same image but without the frame.)

Darkness Falls ebook

February updates

I keep coming to my blog with the intention of updating but as soon as I click on new post and the little box comes up my mind immediately blanks and I can think of nothing to write about, no matter how many things I come up with through the day. Today is probably no different because my brain has turned to sludge and is oozing out my ears. It’s been crazy busy since the release of Winter’s Heart – mostly with darling daughter’s dance. Her first competition is coming up this weekend so there have been extra rehearsals, which is really cool since we get to see the other dances. The dancers at the studio are amazing.

Also, as stated previously, my brain is sludge. I keep opening up my Darkness Falls files, hoping desperately to wrap that story up because it is SOOOO close to the end, and nothing. Okay, maybe a sentence or two a day, which is practically nothing. Hopefully after this weekend the Muses will start talking to me once again and Darkness Falls will find its voice. Sometimes I am tempted to scrap the whole thing and begin again from a completely different direction but there are parts of Darkness Falls that are not so easily gotten rid of. So I sit and eat my Dove chocolate and stress over it.  🙂

Anyway, the giveaway for 3 hard copies of Winter’s Heart is still going on over at Goodreads:

Winter’s Heart giveaway at goodreads

Winter’s Heart the complete novel:

Winter's Heart interiorAnd because it’s too cool not to share, my daughter’s awesome shirt (found at freshbrewedtee.com):

FOTB3A0 WP_20140221_010She likes saying to all of her non-Whovian friends: “I’m sorry you don’t understand my Doctor Who reference. I’m so, so sorry.”

Winter is HERE


Winter's Heart ebook

Winter’s Heart is here and the correct version is up and I got the publication date that I wanted even though I didn’t know I wanted it until I hit the publish button: 2/10/14.I’ve been publishing for two years and Winter’s Heart is the tenth book I published. What is even cooler is that I published my first book (Darkness Comes) two years ago on 2/10/12 and I hadn’t known until yesterday when I was looking at my dashboard waiting for Winter’s Heart to go live.

You can have Winter for $2.99 or you can wait because he will be free Valentine’s Day weekend: 2/14/14-2/16/14. Because everyone needs a little Winter loving. Also, the aforementioned Jodi has directed me to a site that will make up a ton of t-shirts if enough people order (and pay) for them. It’s sort of like kickstarter but it’s a t-shirt marketing campaign and I’d like to gauge the interest before I start one because you need 50 people to have the t-shirts made. They’d be $10 plus s/h (which was like $4 Us and $7-10 international.) Let me know if you’re interested in the comments below or on facebook. The design I have right now is:


Winter’s Heart cover reveal

This book is the reason I was having difficulty writing Darkness Falls. For weeks there was this… blockade in my head with something pulsing (pushing?) against it. I knew there was a story behind it but I had NO access to it, just the knowledge that it was there. When I stalled in Darkness Falls, I put that book aside and decided to write  a different story that I was thinking about. Before I could do that, I went back to a story I started a few months back (I had 22,000 words) but I had slammed into a wall and put aside. Anyway, I read it, giggled, and got to the part that made me crash and, though it pained me, I cut almost 2,000 words. And then the gates opened up and the story vomited itself all over the place and it was all I could do to keep up with the Muses’ screaming (they don’t scream in words, they scream in white noise. Literally.) It’s been an insane two weeks: 90,000 words of insanity. When I wasn’t typing, I was writing down scenes for what was going to happen. When I wasn’t writing, I was trying to sleep (not easy when the Muses kept whispering in my ear. My notes during this time are indecipherable because they were written in the middle of the night, in the dark, by a zombie) or take care of the house (yeah, that wasn’t happening.) I was a woman possessed. I had a mad kick Sunday evening because the Muses were growing quieter and the end was near so I stayed up until 3:30 in the morning and kicked out the final 13,000 words.

And then there was the cover. le sigh. I had the original image, which I bought last year, and I just wanted to play around a little bit. It came together like magic. Everything about this book has been… it’s been a rush.

And without any further ado, the Cover:

Winter's Heart ebookWinter's HeartI still have the blurb to write (the least fun part about writing – trying to condense a 111,000+ word book into a few words) but I ordered the proof this morning and once I get it, I will go through the book, smooth out as many rough areas as I can, and then BETAS!!!! Just a warning, Winter is naughty. He explores the upstairs, the downstairs, the front door, the back door, and everything in between, but with fewer euphemisms. So saying, I frickin’ LOVE Winter!!!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments, either here, on facebook, or email me: acwarneke@yahoo.com

January updates and stuff

Wow, it’s been eleven days since my last post. It’s not that nothing has been happening – in fact, lots has been happening I just haven’t written about any of it. Between dance and writing and doing quick hits of a few sites on the internet, time has simply disappeared. First up is news of our cat. He’s a strange, strange creature. No longer skittish – at all – he has taken over the house and become incredibly loving. He plays with the dog, making sure she’s all right even as he tries to take her down. If he realizes you’re awake, he sits on your chest and purrs at you and if you try to read your kindle, he nudges the kindle aside and purrs louder. And he talks in his sleep, a little meow-purr that is adorable.

The Darkness Falls files have been sent off to createspace and a proof has been shipped out, which I should receive soon. The book isn’t done, there are still a few scenes left to write but I wanted to have a different format to kick start my brain into wrapping it up. I know what I want to write, what needs to be written, I just have to do it. Unfortunately, my brain is hot on a different story, a contemporary romance that is just gushing forth, keeping me awake late into the night writing and waking me up early in the morning with ideas and snippets of conversation. I started it before I got into Darkness Falls and then I hit a wall and was able to concentrate on Malorie and Feryn and their fucked-uppedness. But then I hit a pot hole with Darkness Falls and was going to start in on another story that was screaming at me. I decided to read over what I had written and it made me chuckle – until I hit the last scene that was there and it came to a screeching halt. Though it pained me, I killed the scene and ever since the words have been flowing. Luckily it was only 1,500 word or so and it’s already a thousand times better.

Yesterday, I took a silver sharpie and colored in my tattoo. It’s healing well – I’ve been using coconut oil on it so it smells good, too – and the next time we go down to visit my son and daughter-in-law I’ll be getting it colored in with actual ink. But until then, I have an entire array of markers at my disposal. 🙂

Colored in with a silver Sharpie

Colored in with a silver Sharpie

One last little note. I took part in Erotic Enchants Holiday games this past December, which was a lot of fun and Bookie Nookie is seriously one amazing woman for getting everything organized and keeping it running smoothly. Anyway, I sent out most of the prizes this past week (the paperback books will be going out in the mail when I get them!) and a few of the winners responded that they would leave a review when they were finished reading. My initial mental response is always, “Well, only leave a review if you loved the books.” LOL. Regardless if they love it or hate it, I always appreciate an honest review. Not all books are for all people so if someone doesn’t like my books, that’s all right. And comments are always welcomed.

Here’s to a fun-fanging-tastic 2014!

I welcomed in the New Year playing Lego Marvel with my daughter and drinking sparkling apple cider. It was a good way to start the year!

For the year ahead:

Darkness Falls will be coming this year, hopefully sooner rather than later. I want it to be the best story possible and at times it feels like it’s getting away from me but then I read it and it’s pretty good. So, we’ll see. After that I am not sure which story will be tackled. There is the third book in the Blight series (sorry about that!) and the next book after Awakening and a whole box that is overflowing with brief and not-so-brief synopses, including the story that wants to be written RIGHT. NOW. We’ll see if it still demands my time after Darkness Falls.

The darling daughter will be participating in her first dance competitions this year. I am amazed by how much she has progressed these last couple of months of more intense lessons and it is a joy watching her dance! She is working so hard but she is also having tons of fun, which is as it should be. Dancing is such a beautiful art form, from the graceful ballet to the energetic jazz to the freakin’ awesome tap. All of her teachers are absolutely amazing and it is so cool seeing what they come up with. I am awed.

The eldest is off on his own, which makes me proud and a little sad, and the middlest is not far behind. 😦

As exciting as this year has been for all of us, I’m sure the upcoming year is going to be just as crazy.  I hope all of you have a blessed and wonderful 2014!!

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really great year