Stone Passions Trilogy countdown deal starts Sept. 1st

Well, another month has disappeared into the time-sucking vortex. it has been a whirlwind of dance, writing, family, and fun. At some point I set up a kindle countdown deal for the Stone Passions Trilogy that will start September 1st and run through September 8th. This is my first time attempting a countdown deal so I’m pretty excited, since the trilogy will be 99 cents the first day and slowly increase in price until it hits $6.99 once again. The timing works out well since I am currently working on a 4th gargoyle book – though it won’t be necessary to read the Stone Passions Trilogy first to enjoy it.

You can click on the first image to reach the US Amazon site and the second image to see what readers have said about the Stone Passion Gargoyles.


stone trilogy post card

Stone Passions quote - jodi

 Enjoy!!!! ❤