shaving the dog

(which is not a euphemism for something naughty) It’s been hot here – I mean really hot and humid – but we have been reluctant to shave the poor dog because she hates it. Well, it took four of us and two hours but we managed to shave  twenty pounds of hair from our little coton de tulear/shih tzu, which is amazing since she only weighs about ten pounds. Here is the before picture:



So here are the after pictures (with one of when we were almost half way finished.)


Just over half done - but it's the part with the mouth and the teeth.

Just over half done – but it’s the part with the mouth and the teeth.


There's enough dog hair for another dog

There’s enough dog hair for another dog


Thank God that's done!

Thank God that’s done!

WP_20130710_019She’s so much happier with no hair – and not having to be shaved any longer.


My amazing daughter is at it again

Well, I am going to have to make my daughter step away from the cook books – she keeps making these delicious cakes. Today’s cake is black cherry chocolate chip made to look like a watermelon, an idea she got from a recipe in the Betty Crocker magazine. She took a regular cke mix, added a packet of unsweetened black cherry kool aid, mini chocolate chips to it, and baked it in a round pan. After it cooled she frosted it with pre-made pink vanilla frosting and green frosting. She added matching sugar crystal sprinkles and it looks and tastes delicious.

watermelon 2 watermelon 3 watermelon 4This week I also tried my hand at making beaded bookmarks. They were so much fun to make that I made a whole bunch with plans to make more. I think in my next giveaway I will add a few of these to the pot. The first giveaway I did should be ending soon – I think midnight tonight – so I will be contacting the winner soon. Anyway, here are the bookmarks. A few match up to the characters in my books. 🙂

bookmarks 2