My first author interview!

Click on the link to read my first interview with Jennifer Rainey of Independent Paranormal. I enjoyed the interview because she emailed me the questions and I could write the answers down. In real life it takes my brains a few minutes to warm up and by the time it does the person I’m talking with probably thinks I’m a complete idiot. 🙂 When I write the words are just there, but when I speak there is a bridge that has to be erected so the words can find their way out of my mouth. With people that I know well – friends and family – the bridge is solid and strong and always there; with strangers it’s a ghost bridge and I don’t always know if the fates are going to be kind and let it solidify enough to speak or if it will disappear and let the words go crashing down.




A spark is all it takes

You just have to make sure the spark is in the right place at the right time – and you should probably have several sparks going at once – and then you, too, may go viral.In all seriousness I do wonder what makes certain things go viral  – from the ridiculously photogenic guy to crappy music videos to novels.  Do we have a collective subconsciousness that we all tap into at once? It’s just very strange.

High and Lows

There are days when the birds are singing the sun is shining and everything is wonderful…. and then there are days when the world is dark, no matter how bright the sun. In years past it had been really bad, where the lows were nearly unbearable but the euphoria of the highs was so amazing and I didn’t want to give those up. It might have been the weather – or possibly the situation of where I was at at the time – but the highs and lows have mellowed out some, though I still experience little hills and vales on occasion. I think this is why I have never felt the need to experiment with drugs or drink alcohol – my brain chemistry is so effed up that if I added anything to the mix it would have been a disaster – I really don’t need to see beneath the veil with any more clarity.  Knowing what I know of nature – both human and otherwise-, I’m afraid of what I’d see; reality is just a civilized veneer over the chaos that reigns.