Free Short Story!!

I wrote a short story almost exactly 7 years ago (June 2007) and while I was going through my laptop I stumbled upon it. After some minor clean up, I have decided to publish it on Smashwords and make it free for all who want it. I chose Smashwords because it makes the book available to all ereader platforms and allows me to make it free. So if you are a fan or just a curious reader who wants to have a taste of my works, head on over and pick up a copy of Loving Chance. ❤ It’s short but still filled with plenty of heat and here’s the blurb:

Hello. My name is Livie… Olivia and I am addicted to Chance. It started out innocently enough in elementary school but through the years the addiction has sabotaged all of my hopes for a healthy relationship with someone who loves me the way I love Chance. He is my drug of choice and I know it’s time to quit cold turkey.

But I want just one more hit, even if it breaks my heart

*LOVING CHANCE is a 12,000 word short story with plenty of heat to make you want more of Chance and Olivia.

Loving Chance


Also, some awesome music for your weekend pleasure


2014 Dance recital!

This past weekend was the darling daughter’s dance recital so it was hectic and insane and absolutely brilliant!! This was her third year of dance and her first year on the competitive dance team and she is just loving it, which has a lot to do with her fantastic dance instructors. This year, my dad and second mom made it down for the show and my dad was able to take some amazing videos during rehearsal (when we are allowed the use of flashes and tripods!)  Unsurprisingly, the weekend flew by way too quickly.

The first video is of my daughter’s recreational tap. She didn’t make the tap team last year so I signed her up for rec tap because she loves the art form so much. But then she was offered the opportunity to be a part of an SDX tap trio and she leapt at the chance, taking an extra technique class to boot. In the video, she’s the one in the center with the bun:

The next video is her SDX petite jazz group from rehearsal. Unfortunately, two of the girls were unable to be there but luckily, the talented Lexi (one of the instructors/aides) was able to fill in for one of the dancers.

I did record the recital night performance but the quality isn’t anywhere near as good as my dad’s videos and it was made even worse by not being on a tripod! But I wanted all 5 girls because it is an ADORABLE dance (and won best choreography in one of the competitions!)

Next is the SDX Ballet, though the timing might be slightly off. The microphone doesn’t have any way of indicating whether or not it is turned on and unfortunately, during the filming of this dance it was not turned on. So I spliced the audio from my camera onto the video and it is withing half a beat or so:

Then there is my daughter’s duo. Yes, it was originally a trio but after the first competition the 3rd girl upped and quit so the girls missed the next competition and had to re-work the choreography into a duo. Personally, I LOVE the duo and I think it is so much better than when it had been a trio simply because the two girls play off of each other so very well.

Then there is the SDX girls and cast girls performing a recently learned tap dance. Because it was filmed during rehearsal, there is a small section where the pre-recorded script comes on but the girls keep going and it’s fantastic! It is enjoyable watching tap without any songs because you can hear the tap and really appreciate the amazing talent these girls have! Their instructor is simply amazing and makes tap completely awesome! Plus, she had a baby 2 weeks before recital and tapped right up until the moment she gave birth! 🙂

And the final video is the finale, a dance for the SDX girls and the cast (there is a lot of overlap there.)

Summer is almost here….

There are a multitude of things I could talk about but it’s just not going to happen. Instead, here is an awesome video made by Christina Gwin for the Darkness series:


Okay, there are a few more things starting with two ingredient bread.


The daughter and I tried this last night with chocolate ice cream and it actually turns out pretty okay and if you smear it with nutella it is fricking delicious!



We tried this one, too, and it is a lot of fun. We even made the expressions at the end of the video because we weren’t quite expecting what happened and had put a LOT in our mouths. Just remember: a little bit of this powder foes a long way. Also, citric acid is VERY sour.



We haven’t done this one but it is really neat and we wanted to share. We spend way too much time watching Australian cooking shows because they’re awesome!