Free Short Story!!

I wrote a short story almost exactly 7 years ago (June 2007) and while I was going through my laptop I stumbled upon it. After some minor clean up, I have decided to publish it on Smashwords and make it free for all who want it. I chose Smashwords because it makes the book available to all ereader platforms and allows me to make it free. So if you are a fan or just a curious reader who wants to have a taste of my works, head on over and pick up a copy of Loving Chance. ❤ It’s short but still filled with plenty of heat and here’s the blurb:

Hello. My name is Livie… Olivia and I am addicted to Chance. It started out innocently enough in elementary school but through the years the addiction has sabotaged all of my hopes for a healthy relationship with someone who loves me the way I love Chance. He is my drug of choice and I know it’s time to quit cold turkey.

But I want just one more hit, even if it breaks my heart

*LOVING CHANCE is a 12,000 word short story with plenty of heat to make you want more of Chance and Olivia.

Loving Chance


Also, some awesome music for your weekend pleasure