About A.C. Warneke

Like most writers, I spend most of my time telling myself stories and occasionally writing them down when they get too loud to remain in my head. The characters are also very demanding, wanting to go out into the world to be discovered by millions of adoring readers, though they are most satisfied with having only a few readers that truly love them. From the gargoyles that sit on top of the roofs to the Siren who lures her wolf astray to the Aradians and Apocritae to those who battle evil, the characters want their stories to be told.

Instead of going through the traditional gatekeepers of the publishing world I have leapt over the walls with the help of digital catapults (kindle direct, smashwords, and createspace) and messenger e-birds (goodreads, facebook, twitter, RNC, etc), going directly to the public. It has been a year and while my strong hold is small it grows larger every day as I connect with other rebels throughout the lands and the readers who support our work. It is a glorious day to be a writer.

When it comes to the actual writing I have discovered that every single one of my books likes to be created in a different way, which makes establishing an environment that is most conducive to my writing is not likely, though it occasionally involves chocolate covered raisins, music, minesweeper, occasionally Mahjong, lots of solitaire, notebooks and scraps of paper, doodling and day dreaming, and fruity, sugar-free bubble gum, not necessarily in that order and not always at the same time.

Of course, none of this would be possible without the love and support of my very loving and very tolerant family: my husband who encourages me to keep writing even when I act a little insane in regards to the worlds in my head, and my three kids who help out so much when I get lost in those same, darn worlds. They politely listen as I go on and on about my characters’ motivations and back stories, their connections within the worlds created and how they fight to gain control of their destinies. But I am a cruel writer and make them earn their happy endings.

Since I am also a Romantic at heart, they are all happy endings.

Available Books:

Darkness Comes (February 2012 – PNR)

Blight (March 2012 – UF)

Stone Lover (March 2012 – PNR, romantica)

Siren Song (May 2012 – PNR)

Stone Romance (September 2012 – PNR, romantica)

Blind Attraction (Jan. 31, 2013 – Contemporary)

Awakening (March 2013 – PNR/UF)

Stone Destiny (May 2013 – PNR)

After Blight (September 2013 – UF)

Coming soon-ish:

Darkness Falls (Darkness Comes book 2 – PNR)


Just be warned: my books tend to be steamy – the lights are definitely left on – and I am a sucker for happy endings. 🙂



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Stone Passions quote - jodi


4 thoughts on “About A.C. Warneke

  1. suzyrph says:

    Thanks for all the books at erotic enchants.

  2. lisa says:

    I absolutely loved Stone Destiny! (I have read the other two : D )Will there be other books with these characters? Cant get enough!!!!

    • acwarneke says:

      😀 That’s wonderful!! I would love to write more gargoyle stories – there are plenty of gargoyles to write about and they are all so fascinating – I just don’t know when it will happen. The muses are funny that way. ❤

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