Fall in love with an Imp t-shirt!!

I had some t-shirts made up – because it’s fun to do and I have the Local Author Showcase coming up – and here are the results:

WP_20130621_002 WP_20130621_003 WP_20130621_004 WP_20130621_007 WP_20130621_011

They are available at zazzle, with other colors available. I kind of want to get them in the screen version – just black and white – for a street team, if that ever comes to fruition. We’ll see. 🙂

AH! The son has awakened so I can show his shirt, too! I’m lucky I was able to get a picture.W FOTCE1D


Before I continue on with the next project

If you have Stone Lover and Stone Romance there is an update available for both. There have been no significant changes – just a few tweaks to a few flurbles.) 🙂 I don’t think Amazon will send out a mass e-mail but you’ll be able to find the updates in your manage my kindle section (it’s there – I saw it and used it this morning, as well as updates for 70 other books….) If you got the books from smashwords the updated versions are the newest entries. If they have the same date look at the time. Funny story: while I was uploading the new versions of Stone Lover and Stone Romance I tried doing it at the same time. Bad idea. When I checked the files to see if they formatted properly I discovered that Stone Romance was actually Stone Lover so I had to re-upload Stone Romance all by itself.  🙂

My Soldier

Today my baby graduated from basic training and is now a soldier.  During basic he lost thirty pounds and his ego has become a separate entity devouring stray souls. 🙂 In truth, he is an amazing man and we’re all very proud of him.

FOT13D9 FOT606B WP_20130605_021 WP_20130605_065

My Daughter the dancer

These are from last night’s rehearsal – the recital is tonight and I can’t video tape them. My stupid memory card decided it didn’t have enough space (It may SAY 4 GB but in truth it’s only 3.5) so in the fourth song I had to dig out my back up camera to finish the tape so there is a cut scene and the video quality changes. And then the last song is also shot with the back up. Her solo comes in and out of focus because the camera wanted to focus on a stationary object, which my daughter is not. She did an amazing job!!  ****EDITED TO REPLACE THE SPLICED VIDEO WITH THE COMPLETE RECITAL NIGHT VIDEO (The 4th video)****

  (Tornadoes – taking Dorothy to Oz dance 2)

   (Which way do they go? dance 10)

  (SOLO!! Dance 36)

  (Rejoice!! Dance 39)

  (Group dance – dance 43)