Quick timeline of books

timeline - connections small

In case you were curious where all of the books fit in my paranormal world, here is a handy picture guide. Hopefully it makes sense but if it doesn’t and you have any questions, post a comment here, on facebook, or email me at acwarneke@yahoo.com Obviously it doesn’t include my contemporary romances but if it did, I’d say they are current with the Stone Lover/Stone Romance/Siren Song stories.


Before I continue on with the next project

If you have Stone Lover and Stone Romance there is an update available for both. There have been no significant changes – just a few tweaks to a few flurbles.) 🙂 I don’t think Amazon will send out a mass e-mail but you’ll be able to find the updates in your manage my kindle section (it’s there – I saw it and used it this morning, as well as updates for 70 other books….) If you got the books from smashwords the updated versions are the newest entries. If they have the same date look at the time. Funny story: while I was uploading the new versions of Stone Lover and Stone Romance I tried doing it at the same time. Bad idea. When I checked the files to see if they formatted properly I discovered that Stone Romance was actually Stone Lover so I had to re-upload Stone Romance all by itself.  🙂

Merry Christmas from the sinning Gargoyles!

My husband is very sweet – he bought me my seven sinning gargoyles for Christmas and had them be from the main characters in the books. Merry Christmas!! 🙂


Alternate project is almost done!!

The quilt that I am making for my nephew’s Christmas present is almost done!! My fingers hurt from pulling the needle through to get the yarn ties but thankfully I have a couple of kiddos that are willing to help tie it up. All that is left is the binding – woohoo!!


I am hoping to have Stone Romance up at amazon soon-ish. As soon as it is up I will set up the free days as well. I am also  getting back to Stone Destiny – I hope to be able to work on it this evening some during my daughter’s dance class. I have a ton of notes to go through – I hope I can find everything I wrote down. I have started a new method recently – each story gets its own notebook and a matching folder; so far it seems to be working well. Now I just have to figure out how to organize my notes….