My Crafty Daughter

This week was my son’s girlfriend’s birthday so my daughter was busy planning out various birthday gift ideas, from cakes to gifts. She got on the paint program and designed an elaborate cake (which she did not make) but it was very cool none-the-less. instead, she decided to go with cupcakes but with her own unique stamp on it: purple batter ranging from light on the bottom to dark on top. Then she decorated them with homemade frosting (courtesy of the middlest son, who makes the best frosting!) WP_20130517_022 WP_20130517_027But, the piece de resistance is the gorgeous quilt she made – her very first attempt at making a quilt (I even had to teach her how to use the sewing machine, which she picked up like an old pro!) She cut and pieced together the front and helped tie it. (Admittedly, I did do the casing around the edges but she was working on her cupcakes at the time.) She has started a blog to showcase her amazing talent – she just doesn’t have time to update it – or write anything, really. 🙂


Happy Birthday, Sarah!! Love you!!!

Happy Birthday, Sarah!! Love you!!!

The edits on Stone Destiny are mostly done. If there are any more I will probably find them long, long after I publish.


Alternate project is almost done!!

The quilt that I am making for my nephew’s Christmas present is almost done!! My fingers hurt from pulling the needle through to get the yarn ties but thankfully I have a couple of kiddos that are willing to help tie it up. All that is left is the binding – woohoo!!


I am hoping to have Stone Romance up at amazon soon-ish. As soon as it is up I will set up the free days as well. I am also  getting back to Stone Destiny – I hope to be able to work on it this evening some during my daughter’s dance class. I have a ton of notes to go through – I hope I can find everything I wrote down. I have started a new method recently – each story gets its own notebook and a matching folder; so far it seems to be working well. Now I just have to figure out how to organize my notes….