It was an interesting day

So, I was sitting on the jury panel and I had to cough so I tried to do it discretely and that only made it worse so I tried to cough in small increments instead of letting the whole thing go at once and that only made my eyes water up and my face go bright red. Not an attractive look for me. The room is dead silent except for my coughing and the plaintiff interviewing another jury member and no matter how hard I tried – and I tried – I couldn’t stop coughing. The bailiff got me a glass of water and that stifled it -thank God – but man, that was embarrassing! The last time that happened I was in fourth grade – an eon ago! The whole process is very interesting and time consuming and inefficient process but it’s a good experience. I think everyone should go through the selection process just once to see how the judicial system works; fascinating. I want to say there has to be a better way to do ti but I am afraid there isn’t. And this post <should> be all right because I am not discussing the case – just my embarrassing coughing fit.


New domain name

I have just set this up so my web address is and I will have to figure out if I can link back to my old posts or if they are lost…. I will be spending the next day or two figuring this out to make everything more streamline. We’ll see how it goes since my computer savvy hubby is deployed for another couple of months….