Three kids, occasionally a dog, hundreds of photos, and ONE decent picture

I was looking through the previous year’s worth of pictures trying to find something I could use for Christmas cards and I remembered that it is nearly impossible to get the kids together to get one decent picture. If one looks fantastic, the other two are making faces, if two look good then the third has his eyes closed, if all three look good then it’s out of focus because I was in such a hurry to snap that one perfect moment the camera focused on the background and not the children. Add in a toddler or a dog – or both – and a perfect picture is just not happening.  The best pictures I have are the ones where they are all making faces – but they just don’t work so well for Christmas cards. 🙂




I’m not sleeping….

I’m merely resting my eyes while my brain takes a nap.


A look at the chaos of writing

Yesterday I wrote about the chaos of my organization abilities – or lack there of. So today I decided to take some pictures to share the craziness. Not only are the notes scattered over pages and pages of paper the writing is barely decipherable. Of course, not everything that is written on paper will be in the story – and a lot of what isn’t written will be. If only every story followed the same rules I might be able to figure out a better system but I have written several books and every one has taken its own path. It’s enough to drive a person mad – talk me back from the ledge!!

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Halloween Photos

So, my children finally gave in to my pleas to dress back up in their Halloween costumes so I could get a few pictures since they had taken their costumes to a friend’s house on Halloween and changed out of them before I picked them up. My eldest didn’t want to get all gored-up for a zombie (sigh; I really wanted to do zombie make up. How much fun would that have been? Especially with the awesomely awesome fake blood!) so he’s a pirate. With a bloody slash across his cheek. And he is using the fake blood as hair gel – it nicely dyes the hair and washes out super easily. The daughter is also a pirate. And the middle son is Harry Dresden, wizard.

Funny story: I ordered a pentacle for him from New Jersey a week before Halloween and it was scheduled to arrive on the 27th – since we’re in North Carolina. Easy peasy, right? On the 30th I looked on line to see where the silly thing was and wouldn’t you know? It had been sent from Charlotte (three hours away from us) to Massachusetts on the 28th. Needless to say, it arrived on the 1st and we were forced to improvise Halloween night with a metal circle, some embroidery floss and silver spray paint.