It’s December and I’m swamped

Surely much of it is self-inflicted but it is December and I do enjoy baking goodies and making gifts; there’s just so many delicious things to cook and each year we add more recipes to our collection. At the same time I am anxious to wrap up Armand’s story but the muses are playing hide and seek – in another dimension, occasionally popping their heads in for a few moments just to tease me.  Anyway, I grew up in Minnesota and that usually meant snow on the ground before Christmas – usually. But now I am in North Carolina and while we have had some chilly weather, we have also enjoyed some very warm, 70 degree weather, which I love even though it makes it slightly more difficult to get into the Christmas spirit. But we have put up the lights and we got our tree and the presents are wrapped and snuggled underneath said tree and the ingredients are out and the gift containers are lined up and the Christmas music is playing….

And Armand is still waiting.