My darling daughter

Two nights ago my sweet little angel started watching make up tutorials, starting with this adorable little moppet doing the Monster High makeup. Since my baby loves Monster High she watched every single video, including the one for Ghoulia Yelps, which she had been for Halloween in 2011. From there, she went to special occasion make up to fantasy make up. And then awesome nail polish tricks. Now, she has graduated to extremely disturbing zombie and horror make up. She has a billion plans now for Halloween; as if she needed any more inspiration.

DSCF7684 DSCF7720 DSCF7729


My poor baby

WP_20130122_001  My poor baby. Today she had to get the last of her baby teeth removed – all three of them – because she has no space in her mouth. As soon as her bicuspids come in she will be getting those removed as well – and then hopefully there will be enough space in her teeny tiny mouth for her adult teeth. So now she has her eight front teeth (four on top and four on bottom) and one molar in each quadrant with three missing teeth in between, which is enough space for only two teeth in each quadrant. Hence the need to get her bicuspids pulled as soon as they come through.


Another Saturday :)

There is nothing like a new smartphone to make a person feel like a complete idiot. With my old phone I could figure out everything I needed to know; it was all straight forward and pretty self-explanatory. The new phone is making the simplest of tasks complicated – instead of using helpful things like “words” and “icons that match the function they are supposed to be” the phone is trying to be clever with these strange little images and lights that go on that vaguely resemble a broken Cylon (the light is stuck on the right side of the face.) I just want a phone to text with, instead I have this computer that is trying to take over the world with confusion. I will admit that there is a learning curve…. It will be interesting.

SavedPicture  (Okay; it does have some cool features, as evidenced by the photo.)