A look at the chaos of writing

Yesterday I wrote about the chaos of my organization abilities – or lack there of. So today I decided to take some pictures to share the craziness. Not only are the notes scattered over pages and pages of paper the writing is barely decipherable. Of course, not everything that is written on paper will be in the story – and a lot of what isn’t written will be. If only every story followed the same rules I might be able to figure out a better system but I have written several books and every one has taken its own path. It’s enough to drive a person mad – talk me back from the ledge!!

As always, I love  love love hearing from readers – feel free to post comments here or on facebook.



2 thoughts on “A look at the chaos of writing

  1. Karen says:

    Have you ever tried any of the novel writing software programs?

  2. acwarneke says:

    If I was able to scan the hand written pages into the program and have it decipher the chicken scratch that would be wonderful! 🙂 I want a machine like they had in Tommyknockers that records the story directly from my head. Of course, the tentacles coming from my nether-regions is less appealing. (It’s been many, many years since I read that story so I could be misremembering that scene.)

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