It’s been a month

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been a month since my last blog post! It’s been a crazy month but, still, I used to post far more frequently. The darling daughter has had a LOT of dance – jazz, ballet, tap, tap solo, tap trio and musical theater. In between the various dance camps, we also managed to head down to Savannah for a too-quick visit with the eldest son and his beautiful wife. Also, if you get my facebook posts, you know that I am working on a new book. Originally, I was plotting out two loosely connected contemporary romances but then Roman came along and wanted his story told. Since he is a gargoyle he takes precedence. 😉 There is a little snippet over on my facebook page if you want to have a taste of what is to come. When I’m closer to wrapping the story up, I’ll post more information, including a call out for Beta readers. If you are interested, keep an eye on my facebook page since that is where I will be posting when and how. 🙂 Now, here’s one of the songs that is playing while writing Stone Vengeance (tentative title):









Gargoyle Giveaway WINNERS!

You’re all winners unfortunately I only have so many prizes and not everyone won something. 😦 You all have won my love and everlasting thanks, though. The list of winners is located at the rafflecopter site above (no last names) and the winners have been contacted so if you see your name be sure to check your email  and your spam folder so I can get those prizes sent off.

The daughter and I just got back from a week and a half in Virginia (the middlest son stayed behind for a while longer) and while we were there we got to visit D.C. Everyone needs to go to the nation’s capitol at least once in their lives – this was my first time and it was really neat. I do recommend wearing really good shoes – there is a lot of walking involved.

Of course, being absent-minded I left my camera at home so we had to pick one up and that was the coolest thing because we got the Nikon Coolpix S3500 and it comes with some pretty fun effects:

Also, Stone Destiny is now available at Smashwords: and will soon be available at other stores (Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Sony, iTunes….)

Fall in love with an Imp t-shirt!!

I had some t-shirts made up – because it’s fun to do and I have the Local Author Showcase coming up – and here are the results:

WP_20130621_002 WP_20130621_003 WP_20130621_004 WP_20130621_007 WP_20130621_011

They are available at zazzle, with other colors available. I kind of want to get them in the screen version – just black and white – for a street team, if that ever comes to fruition. We’ll see. 🙂

AH! The son has awakened so I can show his shirt, too! I’m lucky I was able to get a picture.W FOTCE1D