some pictures

Last night as I rambled on facebook I mentioned posting a picture of my cat’s insanely blue eyes and here are a few pics:

So my poor puppy doesn’t feel neglected, here is a picture of her in  her dragon costume. Perhaps it would be kinder not to post the picture but it’s so cute and so here it is:

FOT55BDOn Saturday we meandered on over to the state park that recently opened behind our house (our property butts up onto it.)  It is beautiful and I have tons of pictures on my camera but because I haven’t uploaded them yet, here is a picture I took from my phone:

FOT2FE8And finally we have the project I have been working: fans for my daughter’s jazz dance group, the top picture being the items used (except for the original fan – a folding, lightweight wood fan) and the bottom being the finished product, well two of the five that were made . My favorite item: the glitter spray paint. It gets glitter everywhere and since I have discovered this amazing product my entire house sparkles. 🙂 :

fan project


shaving the dog

(which is not a euphemism for something naughty) It’s been hot here – I mean really hot and humid – but we have been reluctant to shave the poor dog because she hates it. Well, it took four of us and two hours but we managed to shave  twenty pounds of hair from our little coton de tulear/shih tzu, which is amazing since she only weighs about ten pounds. Here is the before picture:



So here are the after pictures (with one of when we were almost half way finished.)


Just over half done - but it's the part with the mouth and the teeth.

Just over half done – but it’s the part with the mouth and the teeth.


There's enough dog hair for another dog

There’s enough dog hair for another dog


Thank God that's done!

Thank God that’s done!

WP_20130710_019She’s so much happier with no hair – and not having to be shaved any longer.

My dog Lucy

  Just over two years ago Lucy came into our lives. A hybrid (a fancy word for mutt) of a Shih Tzu and Coton de Tulear, Lucy is a wonderful dog who will do just about anything for food. Her hair is much shorter than usual because it gets really hot in the summer and her long, long hair tends to get matted despite our best efforts – and she doesn’t like the groomers.

Just thought I would share these pictures of her because I really need to get back to writing and I am stalling.

The last picture is Lucy partially groomed; we took a break before we got to her legs.