some pictures

Last night as I rambled on facebook I mentioned posting a picture of my cat’s insanely blue eyes and here are a few pics:

So my poor puppy doesn’t feel neglected, here is a picture of her in  her dragon costume. Perhaps it would be kinder not to post the picture but it’s so cute and so here it is:

FOT55BDOn Saturday we meandered on over to the state park that recently opened behind our house (our property butts up onto it.)  It is beautiful and I have tons of pictures on my camera but because I haven’t uploaded them yet, here is a picture I took from my phone:

FOT2FE8And finally we have the project I have been working: fans for my daughter’s jazz dance group, the top picture being the items used (except for the original fan – a folding, lightweight wood fan) and the bottom being the finished product, well two of the five that were made . My favorite item: the glitter spray paint. It gets glitter everywhere and since I have discovered this amazing product my entire house sparkles. 🙂 :

fan project