some pictures

Last night as I rambled on facebook I mentioned posting a picture of my cat’s insanely blue eyes and here are a few pics:

So my poor puppy doesn’t feel neglected, here is a picture of her in  her dragon costume. Perhaps it would be kinder not to post the picture but it’s so cute and so here it is:

FOT55BDOn Saturday we meandered on over to the state park that recently opened behind our house (our property butts up onto it.)  It is beautiful and I have tons of pictures on my camera but because I haven’t uploaded them yet, here is a picture I took from my phone:

FOT2FE8And finally we have the project I have been working: fans for my daughter’s jazz dance group, the top picture being the items used (except for the original fan – a folding, lightweight wood fan) and the bottom being the finished product, well two of the five that were made . My favorite item: the glitter spray paint. It gets glitter everywhere and since I have discovered this amazing product my entire house sparkles. 🙂 :

fan project


Our new mouser

We got ourselves a mouser! A rescue cat who is beautiful and a little bit skittish and a blue point Siamese. His name is Jacks and he’s a year and a half old. ❤ He was super sweet at the pound and on the ride home but then he freaked out  a little (a lot) when we got home and it was time to get him out of the car. It didn’t go well and we almost lost him when he bolted. But we got him back and now that he’s inside in a stable environment he is super sweet once again, purring with abandon. My hand, on the other hand, is a little worse for the wear. Poor kitty.

FOT8BF3 FOT4112Since he’s a rescue kitty we have to keep him quarantined for a few days so we don’t know if he’ll get along with Lucy-dog. Or how Lucy will get along with him. They are about the same size (Lucy weighs more, of course) so we’ll see. Lucy does take on bigger dogs is to protect her family so maybe she’ll be okay with a cat.

Writing is going. I seem to get a lot done at the studio while my daughter’s in dance but not so much the rest of the time. 🙂 I think once things get back to a semi-normal schedule that will change. If there is such a thing as a normal schedule.