Here’s to a fun-fanging-tastic 2014!

I welcomed in the New Year playing Lego Marvel with my daughter and drinking sparkling apple cider. It was a good way to start the year!

For the year ahead:

Darkness Falls will be coming this year, hopefully sooner rather than later. I want it to be the best story possible and at times it feels like it’s getting away from me but then I read it and it’s pretty good. So, we’ll see. After that I am not sure which story will be tackled. There is the third book in the Blight series (sorry about that!) and the next book after Awakening and a whole box that is overflowing with brief and not-so-brief synopses, including the story that wants to be written RIGHT. NOW. We’ll see if it still demands my time after Darkness Falls.

The darling daughter will be participating in her first dance competitions this year. I am amazed by how much she has progressed these last couple of months of more intense lessons and it is a joy watching her dance! She is working so hard but she is also having tons of fun, which is as it should be. Dancing is such a beautiful art form, from the graceful ballet to the energetic jazz to the freakin’ awesome tap. All of her teachers are absolutely amazing and it is so cool seeing what they come up with. I am awed.

The eldest is off on his own, which makes me proud and a little sad, and the middlest is not far behind. 😦

As exciting as this year has been for all of us, I’m sure the upcoming year is going to be just as crazy.  I hope all of you have a blessed and wonderful 2014!!

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really great year


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