Crayon Lipstick!

The darling daughter and I were surfing the interwebs and eventually came across a video on  how to make your own lipstick using crayons and coconut. That’s it. How cool is that? Since darling daughter is Lexi Darling-in training, it’s important that she is able to create vibrant lipstick colors and this method is amazing and super simple! Because they are crayons, the lipstick is non-toxic. I do recommend using Crayola crayons for best results.  (I’ll post the video we watched at the end.) Click on the first image and click through for directions:


*****ETA (5/11/14) Use 1 tsp coconut oil and 3/4 tsp shea butter to get an even better result!! (Melt coconut oil and she butter together, add crayons, etc) You can find shea butter at amazon.*****

I do recommend watching the video for more information:

Lexi Darling in training

My darling daughter has fallen in love with the character of Lexi Darling from Siren Song (cleaned-up version, of course) and enjoys playing with her wigs and make up and crazy outfits. Today’s outfit is a combination from last year’s dance recital and this year’s recital so it isn’t too crazy. However, she put on false eyelashes for the first time ever and I’m a little bit jealous at how well she did. She’s also experimenting with glitter on the lips and the result is pretty impressive and sparkly.

FOT21A5Darling daughter has once again made the dance team for the 2014-2015 season at her studio and she is pretty excited, especially now that she knows what to expect. We love the studio and all of the teachers there!!


Happy Easter!!

Darkness Falls is finally, finally here! Since I am going to (try to be) offline for the next week, I published it a few days early. I even have the free days set up: April 21, and the weekend of April 25-28th.

The Winter in Spring giveaway is still going on until April 30. If you haven’t entered, now is your chance.

Have a great Easter! ❤

Darkness Falls ebook

Winter in Spring giveaway is LIVE

So, I finally had some time to set up the Winter’s Heart giveaway, two months after publication! A few of the prizes include a paperback copy of Winter’s Heart, the awesome mug that’s pictured, hot pink stress balls, and a few other prizes. Since there is almost three weeks to enter, I might even come up with a few more prizes. 😀 There are a few ways to enter so be sure to check it out and try to win a piece of Winter. ❤


Winter's Heart ebook mug WP_20140331_007

Shiny pink balls!!

I’m super excited because my newest promotional product has arrived – Shiny Pink (Stress) Balls!!

FOT212D WP_20140331_007 WP_20140331_008 WP_20140331_009

Darkness Falls is currently in the hands of a few pre-Beta Beta readers and when I hear back from them it will be sent off to a few more Beta readers for a final look-see and then… and then… it will be published sometime in April.

A weekend of dancing

On Friday, darling daughter and I headed over to Charlotte, NC for the Dance Makers Inc dance competition/ convention and on the way we got lost because MapQuest wasn’t quite up to date. We were supposed to merge from the right onto 49 but there was no merge so I turned right instead. We drove and drove and realized the turn off we needed was not anywhere to be found so we turned around. We got back onto 73 thinking maybe the merge was further along the road even though 49 was right there. (I figured out later that I should have turned left onto the road.) Anyway, I stopped at a gas station and the attendant was super nice as she tried to explain how to get where we were going. Because the directions involved turning at certain landmarks instead of street names, I ended up stopping at another gas station to make sure I was on the right path. Again, the attendant was very nice, so was the poor customer who said he had just come from the street we were looking for and that it was just a mile or so away. Woo hoo! The attendant looked at the directions I had and said there was an even easier way of getting to our hotel and mentally tabulated the number of red lights between the gas station and our turn off. I ended up following the MapQuest directions once we got back on the right road, even though there was another minor mistake that was easily corrected.

Darling daughter had her first dance that afternoon and they girls did well. She was supposed to get a good night’s rest because they were going to be meeting at 7:10 IN THE MORNING for a full day of dance classes. She crashed hard at 8:30 and woke up at 10:00 under the mistaken belief she had slept through the night. When she discovered it had only been an hour and a half she was seriously shocked and spent the rest of the night trying to go back to sleep. But Saturday came and she got up and did all of the classes taught by some amazing dancers and in the evening she danced her second of her two dances. The third dance – her tap trio – didn’t happen because the third member of her group up and quit two weeks ago and there wasn’t time to rearrange it for two tappers. 😦 She had one more day of convention and dancing on Sunday, dancing all day followed by the wrap up ceremony and a trip to Ikea. It was a good weekend and she is looking forward to going back next year. It was a great birthday weekend for her (today’s her birthday and we’re grilling steak for her.)

Darkness Falls is almost here – finally

Two years (and a few weeks, thanks to Winter’s Heart) after Darkness Comes was published, Darkness Falls is almost done. I have sent the first fully completed draft off to createspace and ordered a copy. Once I get that and go through it with my red pen, I will make (even more) corrections and then send it off to my awesome beta readers. And then… and then…. it will be going live sometime in April, preferably the earlier half but no later than mid-April. Oh, I also have to write the damn blurb. It’s once again from Malorie’s point of view (mostly) with a few trips into Jack’s and Feryn’s POV. (Yes, Jack’s back but there’s NO triangle.) It pretty much wraps up Malorie’s and Feryn’s story, so yay, and I think I’m happy with the story. There were a few surprises along the way but it mostly stayed true to my original vision, though there aren’t any vampires.

Okay, there’s one, but only for a little while.

Here is the cover for Darkness Falls (I will be redoing the Darkness Comes cover as well to match – same image but without the frame.)

Darkness Falls ebook

Winter’s Heart mugs and shirts options

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have been creating lots of possibilities for t-shirts and mugs with the I ❤ Winter.  I have narrowed it down to these 23 options with the final box an opportunity to add your own suggestions. 🙂 The black would be on black t-shirts/mugs and the white on white or light colored t-shirts/mugs. I have one mug created now that has two color options so that is also an option. 🙂  Leave your thoughts in a comment below or on facebook or email me at  (These will be available for purchase at zazzle once I decided which color(s) to go with but it’s mostly for my up coming giveaway) Click on the image for the full size – the numbers are for your convenience since some of the shirts are similar-ish.


winter variety numberAlso, exclusively for the giveaway are my Winter’s Heart 15 oz. mugs:


February updates

I keep coming to my blog with the intention of updating but as soon as I click on new post and the little box comes up my mind immediately blanks and I can think of nothing to write about, no matter how many things I come up with through the day. Today is probably no different because my brain has turned to sludge and is oozing out my ears. It’s been crazy busy since the release of Winter’s Heart – mostly with darling daughter’s dance. Her first competition is coming up this weekend so there have been extra rehearsals, which is really cool since we get to see the other dances. The dancers at the studio are amazing.

Also, as stated previously, my brain is sludge. I keep opening up my Darkness Falls files, hoping desperately to wrap that story up because it is SOOOO close to the end, and nothing. Okay, maybe a sentence or two a day, which is practically nothing. Hopefully after this weekend the Muses will start talking to me once again and Darkness Falls will find its voice. Sometimes I am tempted to scrap the whole thing and begin again from a completely different direction but there are parts of Darkness Falls that are not so easily gotten rid of. So I sit and eat my Dove chocolate and stress over it.  🙂

Anyway, the giveaway for 3 hard copies of Winter’s Heart is still going on over at Goodreads:

Winter’s Heart giveaway at goodreads

Winter’s Heart the complete novel:

Winter's Heart interiorAnd because it’s too cool not to share, my daughter’s awesome shirt (found at

FOTB3A0 WP_20140221_010She likes saying to all of her non-Whovian friends: “I’m sorry you don’t understand my Doctor Who reference. I’m so, so sorry.”