Winter’s Heart mugs and shirts options

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have been creating lots of possibilities for t-shirts and mugs with the I ❤ Winter.  I have narrowed it down to these 23 options with the final box an opportunity to add your own suggestions. 🙂 The black would be on black t-shirts/mugs and the white on white or light colored t-shirts/mugs. I have one mug created now that has two color options so that is also an option. 🙂  Leave your thoughts in a comment below or on facebook or email me at  (These will be available for purchase at zazzle once I decided which color(s) to go with but it’s mostly for my up coming giveaway) Click on the image for the full size – the numbers are for your convenience since some of the shirts are similar-ish.


winter variety numberAlso, exclusively for the giveaway are my Winter’s Heart 15 oz. mugs:



6 thoughts on “Winter’s Heart mugs and shirts options

  1. shauntih says:

    I think #5 and #23 are my favorites. I also really like the font on your book’s back cover.

  2. Katherine W says:

    Really liked # 11 and 12- simple and to the point!

  3. Some lovely ideas here!

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