Crayon Lipstick!

The darling daughter and I were surfing the interwebs and eventually came across a video on  how to make your own lipstick using crayons and coconut. That’s it. How cool is that? Since darling daughter is Lexi Darling-in training, it’s important that she is able to create vibrant lipstick colors and this method is amazing and super simple! Because they are crayons, the lipstick is non-toxic. I do recommend using Crayola crayons for best results.  (I’ll post the video we watched at the end.) Click on the first image and click through for directions:


*****ETA (5/11/14) Use 1 tsp coconut oil and 3/4 tsp shea butter to get an even better result!! (Melt coconut oil and she butter together, add crayons, etc) You can find shea butter at amazon.*****

I do recommend watching the video for more information:


2 thoughts on “Crayon Lipstick!

  1. Gd morning ladies 🙂 what an awesome idea!! Will try with my daughter! Thank U! Love Kim 🙂

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