Lexi Darling in training

My darling daughter has fallen in love with the character of Lexi Darling from Siren Song (cleaned-up version, of course) and enjoys playing with her wigs and make up and crazy outfits. Today’s outfit is a combination from last year’s dance recital and this year’s recital so it isn’t too crazy. However, she put on false eyelashes for the first time ever and I’m a little bit jealous at how well she did. She’s also experimenting with glitter on the lips and the result is pretty impressive and sparkly.

FOT21A5Darling daughter has once again made the dance team for the 2014-2015 season at her studio and she is pretty excited, especially now that she knows what to expect. We love the studio and all of the teachers there!!



6 thoughts on “Lexi Darling in training

  1. kerbytejas says:

    what a cute child (kid) she is.. her personality just jumps off the page when you look at her- what a lucky mom you are

  2. acwarneke says:

    Thank you!! She is such a joy and it is a pleasure and an honor being her mom. ❤

  3. Lindsey Armstrong says:

    She is very beautiful! I think she did a good job at her makeup. Better than I think I could do. Lol

    • acwarneke says:

      She didn’t get her mad makeup skills from me. I can put it on her but when it comes to my makeup, it’s very slap dash. Hence, I only wear mascara and maybe a little bit of eyeliner, the smudgy kind that is forgiving. 😀

  4. Hey A.C. ur daughter did an AWESOME job on her Makeup!! She is BEAUTIFUL n the lashes r GREAT!! I don’t think I could of done that! What a JOY it must b 2 have a talented young lady 🙂 Thank U so much 4 sharing the pics they made me smile! 🙂 Love Kim 🙂

    • acwarneke says:

      She is a joy and I love sharing the pictures – I’m glad they make you smile! 😀 I have far more pictures that I don’t post – I was outside with three cameras! Thank goodness for SD cards that hold 4,000 images!!!

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