Wow, it’s been a week

I have been putting off writing on my blog because I wanted to keep the Siren Song video at the top. Plus, I’ve been busy writing other stuff, mostly Stone Destiny but also letters to my son while he gets through basic. From the letters he has sent home he seems to be doing well. Personally, I would have been happy if he had decided to stay home for a few more years instead of bolting out the door the moment he turned eighteen. (it was five and a half weeks after he turned eighteen, but who’s counting?) He is so determined to be independent and ‘m not sure where I went wrong (I’m kidding; I am so bloody proud of him. It’s just, he is such a great person and I miss him like mad!) Sigh.

Some days I feel like a fraud, especially when I get on boards with other writers and they talk about all of the marketing and signings and stuff they’re doing. There is so much more to self-publishing other than putting a book together and hitting the publish button. Unfortunately, I’m happy doing exactly that so I really want to thank all of my readers who have taken the time to email or post on facebook or leave a comment here; it gets me off my ass to actually do more than simply hang out in my cave. Thanks to readers’ response I wrote Stone Romance and am working on Stone Destiny, two books that I doubt I ever would have written on my own. As a reader, remember that you have a LOT of influence – don’t be afraid to use it! Writers – well, this writer – tends to get lost in their worlds and without that outside prodding I’m pretty sure we’d be happy just staying there, a little bit isolated and disconnected from everyone else, even in a crowded room. Thank you all!!

Thank you!!

Thank you!!


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