My new soldier

My baby shipped off today. We drove up to Raleigh yesterday, spent the evening together and then we got to see him get sworn in this morning. I am so proud of him!! At least he has a really nicely shaped head. He could totally pull off the bald look – except he has such pretty hair!


After swearing in, before saying goodbye. 😦


Little Sister is going to miss Big Brother


Girlfriend and Boyfriend are going to miss each other terribly


Before the head was shaved – my biggest and my littlest with my middlest hiding so as to not have his picture taken.


We got lost on the way home because mapquest lied to me and instead of taking the route I knew would get us back home I followed the deceptive directions. We ended up taking the long way home. Once we arrived home my darling daughter had a letter from the dance studio – she made the competitive dance team!! That will be a fun and new experience.



2 thoughts on “My new soldier

  1. Crystal Marie says:

    I remember the day I shipped out to basic… I was more freaked out when I was leaving than I believe that my mom was πŸ™‚

    • acwarneke says:

      πŸ™‚ Basic a whole other world, one that I have only experienced through my husband. Thank you for your service, it is something to be proud of!!

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