Long overdue update

It’s been a while since there’s been a new post up and there are two reasons for that: the first I will show below in pictures and the second, and perhaps biggest reason, I really like that Happy New Year picture – it makes me smile every time I click on this page :D. If you see my facebook updates, you might have seen some of the costumes I had been working on that kept me away from writing. For the cast costumes, there are two missing (Jackie and Seven of Hearts.) The daughter is responsible for the props 😀 For the gold costume, I made the robe and the top and the gold pants, and for the princesses, I made all by Leia’s costume (Easy Street and Princesses are DMI photos) You can click on the tile and see each picture individually. There is also a brown coat that is almost done and several messenger bags and I think there might be more but hell if I can remember LOL.


Days are just kind of swirling together and time is flying by in a whirlwind of dance and everything else. The darling daughter and I have been watching way too many hair and nail tutorials on youtube and discovering peel off base coat (awesome stuff, btw) The darling daughter and middlest son have also planted a garden, which they won’t let me near since I kill all plants I come into contact with, especially at the critical just-starting-to-sprout stage. The two of them built a bookcase shelf for the movies and then the three of us built some shelving for the kitchen, something I had asked my hubby to do for a while now (ahem, five plus years.)

I have two or three stories that I am currently trying to work on but none of the characters are really screaming to have their stories told; they’re mostly just whispering, if they bother to speak at all. Once things settle down, they’ll hopefully start perking up.


Happy Halloween!!

This year there has been no hand made costumes, which is depressing but not unforeseen. Luckily there are enough costumes around the house for Little Miss Tweener to find something – for every day of the month or nearly so. 🙂 This year, the dance studio allowed the girls to dress up so on Monday she was a witch. a pirate, a detective, and a goth bride (her tap trio uses hats), on Tuesday she was Little Red Riding Hood and she had a wolf in a basket, and on Wednesday she was a fairy. Of course, the clothes were dance-friendly but she was adorable none-the-less. Today she will dress up as a witch. I think. Be sure to click on the image to see it in full magnificence.

four hats 2 little red dancer