Updates and a belated Happy New Year!

There was a time when I posted nearly every day, sometimes two or three times a day, but now my muses take a vacation nearly every weekend and I barely write at all when I’m at home. Unfortunately, that includes updating my blog and facebook – or rather NOT updating them. Instead, nearly all of my writing is done while darling daughter is in her dance classes during the week. Since she is in a lot of dance classes, that’s quite a bit of internet free writing time. (It works out well since all of my earnings go to pay for said dance classes, competition fees, costumes, etc. 🙂  )

Anyway, I am currently working on Stone Seduction (Remus’s story) and A Million Kisses or More, a contemporary romance. Both are sitting at 50,000 words (so I’ve written 100,000 words since Halloween, just not for one book) and I am pretty sure where the stories are going. They just have to be written.

Le sigh.

I hope to share the covers and possibly some teasers from these two books in the upcoming weeks. Actually, I have the cover done for Stone Seduction and I am tweaking A Million Kisses…. (I’m very excited about A Million Kisses because I am working with an amazing photographer whose work is beautiful. Be sure to check out her facebook page and give it a like: https://www.facebook.com/Gwinsphotos) Since I am eager to share, I can be talked into revealing the cover for Stone Seduction if anyone is interested. And as soon as I have done justice to Ms. Gwin’s photographs, A Million Kisses will be ready as well.

So I hope you all have a wonderful 2015 and I want to wish a slightly belated Happy Birthday to my middlest son.


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