No two people read the same book

Actually, the real quote is, “No two persons ever read the same book.” (Edmund Wilson) And holy mackerel is that statement true! Take any book and read a sampling of the reviews and you’ll find yourself wondering if they even read the same book. What is praised in one is completely trashed in the other, from the writing and grammatical errors (which shouldn’t be debatable but apparently are) to the story line, the writing style, the characterizations, the dialog, and everything (and I mean everything) in between. It’s amazing how each person reacts to the same book: the words are the same, the story is the same but the response is vastly different. And the higher the expectations the worse the review if the story fails to deliver. What a person brings with them when they begin a story matters, too; being in the right frame of mind can mean the difference between loving a book and loathing the same book. It’s fascinating to see the different responses and learning more about what makes people tick.



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