I lack patience

I can plod along for endless days, seemingly accomplishing nothing, but when I want something done I want it done immediately. I guess that is why indie publishing appeals to me so much – I write the book, edit the ever-loving crap out of it, and then BAM! I can upload it to amazon and it’s published.  It’s available within twenty four hours (usually closer to twelve) and I am gratified – it is done in a timely fashion and there is no waiting around. Having attempted to go the traditional route, I found the waiting to be tedious and I did not submit as many stories as I should have and I wasn’t nearly as diligent in sending out queries. Without that motivation of getting published, I wrote less frequently and it became a never ending circle of procrastination. With nearly instant indie publishing, I have been writing so much more because I get to see the finished product immediately instead of hoping to see something within two YEARS – and that is only if the publisher is will to take a chance on an unknown, un-agented author. Now, if I decide I want to try the traditional publishing route again, I will have something more tangible to show them… For now, I am enjoying the indie side of things because in addition to wanting something done quickly, I tend to be a little bit of a control freak – at least in certain areas that I can control, since the world is chaotic and I need at least the illusion of control if nothing else.


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